Alex Waislitz

Name:Alex Waislitz

Country: Australia

Date of Birth: 16/2/1958

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Commerce, and Owner/President Management Program

Main achievements:

Founder and Executive Chairman of Thorney Investment Group. Director of the Collingwood Football Club Limited since 1998, is now its current Vice President.

Something interesting about the person:

Alex Waislitz is the 54th richest person in Australia and has earned the reputation of the country’s Warren Buffet.

Formative years:

Australia’s top-notch businessman born to Jewish parents is of Polish heritage. After having acquired a Bachelor’s degree from Monash University in Melbourne, Alex went on to pursue the Owner Management Program from the Harvard Business School. It doesn’t come off as a surprise that in the business hit period of the ’80s, young Waislitz had worked for Australia’s first billionaire, the iconic entrepreneur Robert Holmes à Court. Today, some thirty years later, Alex Waislitz has built a remarkable empire of his own.

Professional life:

In the year 1991, Alex Waislitz became the Founder and Executive Director ofThorney Investment Group, based in Australia. He remained Executive Director until 2009.Waisltiz is at present a non-executive chairman of ThorneyTechnologies Limited, and at the Thorney Opportunities Limited. Alongside being the founder, Mr. Alex became the Chairman of Thorney Investment Group [TIG] Australia on 21 November in the year 2013. The Thorney group of investments is a privately owned company, diversely investing in public and private companies and properties. It plays a pivotal role in enabling a wide range of industries like mining services and resources, manufacturing and technology, to come forth and flourish. In December 2013, he launched the listed company Thorney Opportunities for investment, whose share price has now significantly doubled. In addition to this, Thorney technologies were launched December of 2017, obtaining the title of another listed investment company.

He has also remained the Director of the Collingwood Football Club from 1998 to 2009. In the same year that is 2009, Waislitz became the Vice President of the said club, and to this date remains so. It is pertinent to note that the Collingwood Football Club, established in 1892, is a top-rated, immensely popular sporting club in Australia.

Through his ever-growing career between 2010 and 2012, Waislitz actively served on the Boards of Victorian State Government Zoological Parks and Gardens, as well as the Zoos Victoria Foundation. In 2012, he became part of Maccabi World Union’s International Advisory Board, alongside being the International Advisory Board’s former member for the MBA program found at Ben Gurion University School of Management.

Contribution to Film:

Alex Waislitz has also earned the reputation of a movie producer. In 1996, Alex was the Executive producer of the film ‘Hotel de love.’ The next year, he produced two movies, namely ‘Joey’ and ‘Dianna & Me.’


The Waislitz Foundation was established as a registered charity in 2013, and in 2015, the Waislitz Family Foundation took off. These charities are concerned with promoting education, health, arts, and other community welfare projects. The Billionaire business tycoon initiated the $50 million charity plan where the said amount is to be donated over the next ten years. The WaislitzFoundation aims to set up social venture programs.

Family life:

Interestingly enough, Alex Waislitz married the billionaire daughter of the Australian fallen-from-grace elite, Richard Patt and his wife,Jeanne. The couple bore three children together, before calling off their marriage. Heloise Pratt, who has a net worth of $2.2 billion, helped create the Thorney Investment with her now separated husband. Today she owns 30% of the Thorney Opportunities Ltd. Waislitz’s then grandmother-in-law Paula Pratt gifted his shares worth $ 1.15 million, some twenty-five years ago. His fortune of $1.39 billion owes its roots to this generous present. Also, the Thorney investments are in a close-knit connection with the Patt family investments.

Alex Waislitz has a fourth child, a daughter born in 2019, with his current partner Rebekah Behbahani. They named their daughter Storm Behbahani Waislitz.