Alan Ryde

Name: Alan Ryde


Type of business: tourism and leisure

Main achievements:

Alan Ryde is an Australian businessman who was on Forbes list of billionaires 2019.Alan Rydge is leading shareholder and chairperson of the hotel, ski-resort and cinemagroup of Event Hospitality & Entertainment Holdings. His father sir Norman Rydge was the chairperson of the company Carlton investments limited from 1928 to 1980. After the death of his father, Alan Ryan was made the chair of the board since 1980 and the also the director of Carlton Investments limited since 1978.

Not known by most of the Australian citizensAlan Rydge is one of the most successful stock market investors. He is very low-profile billionaire. For the past 32 years, Alan Rydge has been included in the list of the rich 200 businessmangiven by BRW and he has also gatheredassiststhat have worth more than 1.5 billion US$, most of his business focuses on investment and tourism&leisure.He is the chairperson of Event Hospitality & Entertainment, which operates many big cinema chains including the Thredbo ski resort, Greater Union, Cinestar in Germany, Sydney State Theatre, and Rydges hotel chain.His other significant shareholding is in Carlton Investments, a listed investment firm. In 1980, after his father Sir Norman Rydge died, Rydge became Carlton’s president, when he was 27, that made himthe youngest chairperson of a public company in Australia at the time.When he was named as the managing director of the company, he was 33 at that time also one of the youngest managing directors and chairperson in Australis. Rydge also holds a major percentage of shares in Carlton, and it also has stakes in over 70 Australian listed companies. The largest holding is in Event Hospitality and Entertainment, which accounts for around a total of 49% of its shares, and the company also owns stakes in the blue-chip stocks as all the big fours,Wesfarmers, BHP Billitonand Telstra. Over the last 12 months, Carlton’s shares have been down 10 per cent.Alan Rydge itself has a number ofshares in many of biggest companies in Australia’s in a similar fashion to Carlton. His shares in the energy company AGL have increased by 25 percent over the time span of last 12 months, although most of them tracked sideways since the beginning of the year, and since May last year his company in James Hardie has improvedits value in 27%.

Event Hospitality and Entertainment Limited which is owned by Alan Rydge operates in many countries such as Australia, Germany and New Zealand as an entertainment, hospitality, and leisure business. The company operates through the business segments such as Entertainment hotels and resorts in countries such as Australia, Germany and New Zealand. It is also involved in certain operations such as cinema exhibitions under the brands ofMoonlight Cinemas,  Event Cinemas, Cinestar Cinemas,Carroll & Coyle cinemasGreater Union and Birch, aloyalty program for films, and the operation of Cine Buzz Rewards as well as public Theatre, with 2,000-seat in Sydney.The holdings also offer interactive film projection portfolios for industry with solutions of technology related to cinema;operates, owns and manages resorts and hotels under the brands QT, Rydges, and Thredbo Alpine; it also operates Priority Guest Rewards, a resort and a hotel rewards scheme.Adding to that, this company also invests and rents properties. Event Hospitality and Entertainment Limited was established in 1910, and its headquarters is based in Sydney, Australia.

The total compensation Alan Rydge gets at the Event Hospitality & Entertainment is AUD$220,000, as the Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Event Hospitality & Entertainment.

Interesting fact:

One of the interesting facts about Alan Rydge is that he likes water and finds it very relaxing. During one his interviewsin Australia’s local news magazines by Rosanne Robertson he said that “if he is not working then he likes to spend time with or in water. He finds it very relaxing and it relieves his stress”. He even bought a Mediterranean-style waterfront mansion in 2004 because of his love for water which was worth $8.7 million.