Alan Bond

Alan Bond

Name: Alan Bond, commonly called “Bondy” by his friends.


Date and Place of Birth: 22nd of April, 1938, at Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom.

Parents:Kathleen and Frank Bond

Education:Alan bond did not go to any university because he never completed his high school. Regardless of this, he, as a signwriter, had an apprenticeship at the age of 15. His lack of formal education did not stop himfrom studying accounting to achieve his dreams for a successful business.

Marriage and Children:Alan was a Protestant, but later on, he, for marriage with Eileen Hughes, converted to the religion of Catholicism in 1955. He had four children from her. Later on, the couple got separated in 1992. After five years of divorce, in 1997, he married an Australian theatre producer, Diana Bliss, who died in 2012.

Business Career and Achievements:He was known as a yachting sponsor, a business magnate, and a corporate criminal as well. Hence, he was the only Australian entrepreneur who had the most tarnished rise and fall of a career as he was found guilty many times by law.  His life was considered as one of the scandalous celebrity life, as he from once a successful entrepreneur became the biggest fraudster.

He started his career at the age of 15 as a signwriter, and in 1959, he became the founder of a private company named Bond Corporation Holdings Limited. There was no turning back after that. He formulated his vast empire through different investment opportunities, including resource investment, media interests, yachts, brewing assets, and property investments during the era of the 1979s and 1980s. After ten years of Bond Corporation Holdings Limited, in 1969, he founded his first public listedcorporation called WA Land. This public company, later on, became the most prominent firm in Western Australia. Bond was declared as 1978’s Australian of the year. He was also the founder of Bond University, the first university of Australia that was privately funded. He further became a hero of the Australian public by winning America’s Cup in 1983. His team was the first non-American team to win this match series. But this Cup victory was the start of doom for his personal and professional life.

Bankruptcy and Frauds: Bond was convicted for fraud. He was bankrupted with $1.8 billion in debt in 1992. In 1997, he was deemed guilty for using deceptive, controlling interests in Bell Resources for collapsing Bell Corporation and was sentenced for seven years. However, he was released after four years of prison.

Significant investments: After release from prison, he again tried his luck by involving himself in different investments like Global Diamond Resources, Madagascar Oil PLC. The returns from these investments make him to the “list of 2008’s Rich 200” of Business Review Weekly at the spot of 157 with $265 million projected wealth value.

Exciting things about Alan Bond:He had many exciting things on his name, like before becoming a multi-millionaire; he was one of the youngest signwriters of Australia. He had started from scratch and became a successful entrepreneur. He was Australian of the year. He was the first Australian Player who had American’s Hero Cup on his name. He was dishonored after honoring. He had paint’s penchant but was also the 1980’s poster boy. He was jailed at the age of 17, and even after becoming multi-millionaire, he was jailed several times for different fraud cases. Even after bankruptcy, he had given many expensive gifts to his family, including a whole town in England, and a painting of Vincent Van Gogh, namely Irises worth fifty-four million dollars.

Cause of Death: He had two daughters from his first wife from which, one daughter Susanne committed suicide by the overdose of prescribed medication in 2000. The death of his daughter andthen his wife took a toll on his weakened heart, which was already weak. His last abode was Farm Street, the church in London. He had open-heart surgery for his weaken heart valves but could not make it live. He died on the 5th of June, 2015.