Adrian Di Marco

Adrian Di Marco

Name: Adrian Di Marco

Country: Australia

Date of Birth:

Education: Bachelors in Science

Main Achievement: Di Marco turned his frustration into an opportunity to build and introduce something to the innovative market, would surpass the multinationals and have a better business model. In 1987, Adrian Di Marco founded TechnologyOne in the industrial suburbs of Hemmant with the financial aid of J L Mactaggart Industries. In the first year of the launch of the company, TechnologyOne becomes one of the initial providers of the application software on relatively emerging technology called Relational Database. Initially, there were hurdles in the startup as every business face, and the main challenge TechnologyOne had to face was convincing the market that what the company was offering was way more competitive and would go a long way. However, after a great deal of struggle and under the leadership of Di Marco, in 1999, TechnologyOne became listed on the ASX, making it one of the most successful companies in the Dotcom era. Currently, the company serves in more than one country and does not only researches and develops but also sells, implements, and supports enterprise software solutions all over the world. The company works towards the betterment of the Information Technology industry of the country and serves all the sectors of the local community, including the government, education, health, financial service industries as well as corporate. Mr. Marco has over 35 years of experience in the Information Technology industry and is responsible for all the success and accomplishments of the company, including all the direct and operational strategies.


Adrian Di Marco is an Australian born entrepreneur and businessman who introduced the country’s largest software enterprise company.  After completing his science degree from Australia’s renowned university, Adrian Di Marco was a determined graduate whose initial idea was to join multinational companies and get settled for life. However, he soon realized that it was not the case once he got the perks of the insides. Di Marco thought that the whole model work of the software enterprise lacks innovation and that it needed to revise. He tagged the business model as fragmented and flawed and felt that they were thrown over to implement without even getting a third party to try it.After the limited time in the multinationals, he then turned to the other extreme i.e., the local company, which he presumed would be a whole different experience and narrative. Although it was a different experience for him not exactly in a way that he wanted. He sure witnessed a great deal of talent in the local sector but could not market them.

Something interesting about Adrian:

Throughout his life, Adrian has been recognized for his work and efforts in making the Australian software industry thrive. In 2001, Di Marco was awarded the entrepreneur of the year award for not only launching the company but also leading it to success. In 2004, he was awarded the Pearcy award for pioneering and leading accomplishments in the research and development of IT. In 2009, he was invited to the prestigious Brisbane Lord Mayor’s business awards and was named business person of the year. Also, in 2010, he was recognized for his distinct contribution to the IT field in Australia and was awarded the highest honor with the Tony Benson award. Recently, in 2016 his name was listed amongst many in the list of CEOs who deliver.

One of the qualities that make Adrian Di Marco, a people’s man are his philanthropic endeavors. He has supported some of the major charities, including the rescue army, Mission Australia, Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation. He also acknowledged the condition of education in Australia and decided to help build the first-ever E-Learning program in the school of St Jude. Moreover, Mr. Marco has been one of the members of the FAICD, an institute that helps businesses evolves leadership skills. He was also the founder of the Queensland software, an organization built to promote software in the country.